Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Miserable Week..


1. This week aku ade meeting division. Yeah!! With the whole department. And the scaries part is I'll be the representative to my group. Wallaweyh!! Representative tahan lagi part suh present2 nih memang aku kuran minat sket. That is my weakness ever la.. Im too nervouses to talk in public..Oppss..I meant if formal way la. Kalu takat gossip itu, bagi saje pada aku pasti meletop jek. So peps out there yg bace blog aku nih please la I beg u pray for my succesful with flying colors! Wah!! Damn!

2. I have to move in Shah Alam. Aku xsuke! Xtau nape. Maybe sebab dh selesa wif my house rite now kan eventhough jauh. I luv Putrajaya sbb lots of thing can be do here ie. jog (dgn niat jupe mamat hansem yg kaya but yet mamat xda pokcik2 belambak okeh!), easy access to sme tmpt since sme highway (cepat&no jem), ada Alamanda yg ade sme keriangan yg aku cari (karakx, bowling, cinema, care4).

3. Kene finish up all my work since its end of months and kene start plan for next month. SHEEEEETSSSS!! Im started to hate my job..Argh!!!

4. Aku dh xda baju nk pakai (ehem..ayat standard pompuan..Which means I need new cloths)

5. Im alone!! Acik away to KB for a week..Kursus!! Means that Im going to be KURUS!! No want will masak for me..Poor me! (-_-)m


1. Pay day maa...Gile la sape yg xhappy kan..Wah!!! Lalalaa..(start listing things I need to buy)

2. Mega sale is back!! Again listing my wishlist..

3. Acik is not at home..Horray!! Party buih di umah..

4. My abah, twin cousin and Acik birthday (eem..should I be happy or..confius jap)

5. Sebab esok Isnin, Selasa, Rabu, Kamis dan Jumaat..hehehe..


LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

spotted your blog....


ct caidmark..=p

baddQ said...

caiyok!!caiyok!!!gud luck utk presentation ko tuh...hehehe...